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Create Any Pokémon.


"One of the best paid apps ever"

PokéBuilder is essentially a “cheat device” (akin to the Game Genie of old) that allows its users to create Pokémon™, they can edit their moves, EVs, IVs, abilities, nicknames and much more.

The magic comes when Pokémon™ are uploaded from an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to a Nintendo DS device: It’s all done wirelessly, over the air.

Sky Collection.

Checklist for Skylanders.


The ideal app for any Skylanders enthusiast or even parent to keep track of the figures collected as well as where to buy the rarest ones.

You can tick off as you go simply by pressing the Skylander's name (✓). You can also read the character's biography or even find out where to buy the figure and compare the best prices with Google Shopping and Amazon support!

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